Over the past year, I’ve jumped head first into the stock market. I’ve taught a few friends what I have learned and have had a lot of fun trading. I’ve had some success and some loss but ended 2017 only slightly in the red. You have to spend money to make money, right? My ultimate goal was, of course, to make money and I haven’t done that yet. I have managed to find lots of resources and contacts that have enabled me to really learn how the stock market works. Things are really turning around for me lately.

That’s me, haha!

I have found the only way to be a successful trader is to find others to learn from. You have to rely on the information of others until you can put all the pieces together for yourself and there are tons of intricacies in the market, so many it becomes confusing where to even begin.

I want to help others’ avoid the struggles I experienced when I started trading. This is a dynamic, user-driven, trading community for traders of any experience level. Work together and find those gems on the market that really profit or share those jewels and help others who may appreciate your wisdom.